Industry Comparison Service

Compare Life Insurance Premium Trends Across the Market

The Industry Comparison Service is a browser based and mobile-friendly application which generates an overview of life insurance premium trends across a range of client demographics.

Users can enter client details, age range, and quote options to reveal the table and graph of premiums across ages and all major insurers.

This application is perfect for BDMs and Re-Insurers to compare and re-quote real-time premium estimates across the industry at the touch of a button. 

The table results feature an interactive heat map for easy viewing of premium sweet spots. 

Also featuring a downloadable graph report showing the premiums for each insurer over the age range.


Life Insurance Premium Trends - Industry Comparison Service FEATURES

Graph and table results show premiums across age range with all insurers plus projections

Colour-customisable premium heat map in results table

Pin your favourite insurer to the top of the table for easy to view results

Customisable settings
such as APL, default quote options, commissions and discounts

Save, name and re-open different quote scenarios


·      Compare market pricing across all retail

·    Easily illustrate the market pricing of various
products over time.

·     Get results and requote in real time, anytime

·       Save a scenario for easy re-quoting, or open any
saved scenario from your list

·       Set your APL, and pin your company to the top of
the list

·       Completely mobile optimised

·       Enter generic client details and age range

·       Table of results with CSV report

·       Heat map for cheapest-most expensive premiums

·       Projection options to model different scenarios

·       Graph results with PDF report

Easily illustrate the market pricing of various products
over time.

Omnium’s Industry Comparison will enable you to have up-to-date visibility of life insurance premium trends in market pricing for all retail insurers across many different products and scenarios.

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